Complement your Spine Surgery Fellowship

Our Spine Surgery Education Programme, endorsed by European Spine Journal, is an ideal complement to your Spine Fellowship, whether you’re about to embark on one or already undertaking one. It is the world’s first comprehensive online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub speciality - spine surgery.

As a Fellow, you have a huge body of knowledge to master, which means huge time pressure. Save time by studying online. The eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme provides students with a convenient way to gain a qualifications in Spine Surgery faster than ever before. The online format and reduced travel requirements combine with the convenience of independent study so committed students can gain the qualification at their own pace, and in as little as a year.

World-class Spine Surgery Education

The course is designed to be comprehensive and meet all the educational requirements of modern Spine Fellowships. It will fill in any theoretical gaps that your clinical spine surgery training has. It comprises over 180 lectures from 140 of the world’s leading spine surgery experts, including Prof. Max Aebi, Prof. Norbert Boos, and Prof. Claudio Lamartina. There are over 4000 included references across the course, embedded directly into the Lectures. Each can be viewed and downloaded instantly, with no journal subscription required. Overviews of all our Modules and their editors can be found on the Module Overview Page. Each and every lecture will grant 3 CME credits upon completion. Completing the course as a whole awards the student over 500 CME credits and the eccElearning Diploma in Spine Surgery.

Module Tutorials and Spine Case Studies

A student will attend at least 8 Tutorials during the full course, each covering many case studies within the subject area of their associated Module. These are group-study events, which involve analysis and discussion in a collegiate, supportive, and scientifically supportive environment. Candidates may also prepare a case of their own choosing for these events. Two cases per group per Tutorial will be selected for analysis and discussion on the day.

Work-life balance

The online nature of our Spine Surgery Education Programme will help you and your work-life balance. All materials are available online for viewing and download, including the Lecture Presentations and all of the reference materials, whether they are book chapters, research papers or videos. The only travelling you will need to do is for the 8 Tutorials and, where possible, these will be held in locations convenient to you. The majority of the study required for our course can be undertaken at your convenience and around your schedule.

The programme complements your practical training schedule and the Spine Diploma course typically takes 12-18 months to complete.

You can register on the platform for free, and activate a free trial. This gives you access to all the materials associated with one of our lectures, enabling you to evaluate whether our programme is right for you before making a purchase. If you would like any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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