Massive open online courses (MOOCS) are revolutionising education at school, undergraduate and graduate level. eccElearning brings all these benefits to postgraduate surgical education. Our online e-learning programme allows trainees to access the highest quality spine surgery education at their convenience, anywhere in the world. The cost is significantly lower than traditionally attended courses and means less time travelling, and more money saved on hotels and transportation.

eccElearning’s blended online postgraduate Spine Surgery Education Programme offers trainee spine surgeons the benefits of C Q C:

total Convenience

high Quality

low Cost

The Spine Surgery Education Programme has four elements:

  • a comprehensive online program of lectures in 9 Modules;
  • live face to face Tutorials where knowledge learned online is applied to real cases under the guidance of experts;
  • a series of high quality, narrated videos covering surgical access to the spine and demonstrated in vivo and in cadaver; and
  • the opportunity to participate in an examined Surgical Skills Assesment.

The online programme consists of 9 Modules covering the whole spectrum of spine pathology which are covered in 10-25 lectures for each Module. The video lectures are augmented by comprehensive, relevant additional knowledge resources which are just one click away.

The educational learning for each Module is further supplemented by applying the knowledge gained in the online element of the course, in attended live Tutorials moderated by expert spine surgeons where cases are analysed and discussed in an interactive group setting. The principal spine surgical access approaches are presented as narrated, high quality, structured videos in vivo and in cadaver.

A final surgery skills test will be undertaken, recorded and examined in collaboration with the candidate's own teaching faculty at a suitable, affiliated hospital.

Each Module and each of the lectures within a Module will be certified by an examination and together with the Tutorial, and will earn CME credits. Each candidate's CME credit record is saved in a personal repository for review, certification and download.


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eccElearning is the world’s first comprehensive, blended online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub speciality - spine surgery.

It is designed to meet the demands of today's trainee spine surgeon in terms of educational rigour, quality and innovation, but also in terms of current expectations of convenience, flexibility and cost.

The programme complements your practical training schedule and typically takes 12-18 months.

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